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Grandfather Hollow

Fantasy, science fiction, and horror rub elbows in this eclectic collection of eerie and macabre tales guaranteed to produce some sleepless nights.


"The Elephant Mirror" - A woman purchases a mirror haunted by a deadly ghost obsessed with the number 39.


"The Parlor" - A young couple must gamble their lives on a cursed funeral parlor where The Lady of the House kills her victims in unusual ways.


"The Dullahan" - A group of young boys must survive the night in a cemetery occupied by a headless horseman.


A zombie experiments with a miracle cream that has unexpected results, a housewife gets the ultimate revenge, and a vampire must choose between love and eternal life.


All this and more inside the pages of Grandfather Hollow! 

I finished reading Grandfather Hollow last night. I don't typically give compliments easily and never unwarranted so believe me when I say I loved each and every story in this collection. Kellie Honaker's wit and imagination were woven into the twists and turns of each plot. I hate when I can figure out the ending by the middle of the tale but that was not the case with Grandfather Hollow. Keep up the great work, Kellie Honaker! -- Theresa Flerx author of Disequilibrium and the Multi-Facted Crystal Ball.

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